The Wonder of Alice in Wonderland

So I told you about how Natalie MacMaster inspired me to read more with my children since reading is my favorite activity.  I picked up Alice in Wonderland at the library, and we’re halfway through it.


The book is so darling, the characters so endearing, the plot so disorganized which makes me wonder why I can’t get my book published.  There must be a Lewis Carroll support group out there for us writers who just need to come up with a good plot.  And Carroll kind of recycled a lot of stuff.   I mean how many times does Alice have to shrink and grow into a giant and shrink again?  It’s happens in like every chapter!

Still, my favorite passage is during one of her (many) transformations.  “I’m sure I’m not Ada, for her hair goes in such long ringlets, and mine doesn’t go in ringlets at all; and I’m sure I can’t be Mabel, for I know all sorts of things, and she, oh, she knows such a very little.  Besides, she’s she, and I’m I, and —oh dear, how puzzling it all is!  I’ll try if I know all the things I used to know.  Let me see:  four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is–oh dear!  I shall never get to twenty at that rate!  However, the Multiplication Table doesn’t signify:  let’s try Geography.  London is the capital of Paris, and Paris is the capital of Rome, and Rome—no, that’s all wrong, I’m certain!

I don’t think Ricky and Deborah understand hardly any of it, but they do like getting in my bed and looking at the beautiful illustrations.  I try to stop and explain the book to them at times, but since the book hardly makes any sense at all, I don’t think it does any good.

They come into bed with me because I used to read in their bed, but I always fell asleep.  The captain doesn’t let them stay too long as he’s not happy to be sharing his territory with them.  But he reads to the older boys—right now he’s reading Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles, a sci-fi retelling of many classic fairy tales.

A week ago while I was reading Alice, I looked up and said, “Where’s Ricky?”  Deborah was lying right beside me, and Ricky had been on the end just a few minutes ago.  Deborah started looking around.

“Ricky?  Where are you Ricky?”  Silence.  ” Ricky?  Where did you go?”

Finally, “I’m here on the floor.”

“What are you doing there?”

“I fell off the bed.”

“Are you o-kay?”  Silence.  “Are you o-kay?”


“Well do you want to come back onto the bed?”  Silence. “Ricky?”

I could learn a thing or two from Ricky.  He’s pretty laid back.  In fact, I’m not sure that he ever did make it back on to the bed.

ImageThe captain getting ready to do a kid removal.


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