Our April Fool’s Joke that Went Bust

I’ve not ever really been into April Fool’s Day, me so not being a fun mom and all, but I decided it was time to change this year!  The captain showed me a great video with some fun ways to fool your kids at dinner.

We decided to make a go of it.  I dropped by the grocery story with only fifteen minutes to get all the ingredients (although I ended up doing my week’s shopping) and then ran home and left our ultimate prankster, Davy, in charge of the project while I carted half the fam to piano lessons.

hamburgers 002

He made some mini hamburgers.  Except they weren’t hamburgers.  They were vanilla wafers with Oreos in the middle and some other cool stuff to make them look like hamburgers.  Of course the older boys caught on pretty quickly that something was up when they saw dyed green coconut and store bought pink frosting on the counter (as a true food snob, I do not usually buy my frosting) so we couldn’t fool them.

That left us with just Deborah and Ricky.  I was nearly panicked about this silly joke.  Panicked, which is truly ridiculous when all you’re trying to do is pull one over your four and six year old.

So here Ricky is eating his hamburger.



That was it!  That was all we got out of him!  There was no look of shock or confusion.  In fact, he acted like we had finally learned how to make a hamburger right.  Next year we’re definitely doing hot sauce or salt in our prank.  Sugar did not have the shock affect we were hoping for.

What April Fool’s jokes did your family try?


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