Quiet Girls and Loud Boys

So give me one day of nostalgia.  I thought I’d post the fun Christmas letter we wrote the year we moved into this house.  The year was 2007.  I had just had a baby so be understanding, will you?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to read in quiet places.  One day she was hired to babysit four boys, and their loud and raucous behavior appalled her. After they chased her with their pet lizard and locked her out of the house, she vowed (as she stood banging on the front door) that she would never have naughty boys.

ImageThis young girl grew up and met a gentle prince, and he took her to his Disney California kingdom. They had three strapping boys, and then the girl suddenly missed her mother.

The gentle prince moved his beloved wife back near family, but her best friend wasn’t too happy about it.  “I’ll cast upon you my Sicilian hex!” she threatened.

“You’re Sicilian?!”

“Yes!  And I hex you that you will only bear boys.  No girls!”

“No!”  the princess gasped.  But it was too late.

So they moved to the land of Utah.  The prince began working at a French antique furniture store (and no, the furniture was not enchanted).  He hoped to buy the business, but it wasn’t meant to be.  He got a job at the Royal Bank of Canada (and yes, that is its real name).

The prince and princess soon found out that they were having another baby.  The ultrasound said that the chances of having a boy were 100%.

This prompted the prince and princess to buy a home with a very large backyard.  It felt like a castle because

~They could send their boys down to the dungeon, close the door, and be oblivious to their screams (of delight, of course, except when they were torturing each other).

~They could send her boys to the backyard, a magical forest that entertained the boys for hours, especially when they locked them out of the house.

~She could walk to a quiet bookstore (until she came in with her boys).

So despite the Sicilian hex, this princess was very happy.  The baby boy came in September and was healthy and sweet.


The prince played with his boys and read stories before bed.  The princess watched her boys scarf up their dinner, even if they didn’t always do it sitting down.  And even though the boys were often loud and raucous, the parents loved them and sometimes disciplined them.  And when all else failed, the land of Utah was filled with unsuspecting babysitters.

Dave, Rebekah, Ben (8), Eli (6), Davy (4), and Ricky (3 mo.)

Who is the loudest in your family?  The boys or the girls?



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