Happy Birthday Eli!

Happy Birthday Eli!

To my boy who offers to help put the groceries away on his birthday.


Your brothers accuse you of being adopted because you are so good.

I cannot believe you are a teenager and that makes me very sad.  You have been such a delight as a 12-year-old, obedient, kind, helpful, studious, and thoughtful.


Will all that change?  I hope not.

Thank you for practicing the piano, cleaning your bathroom, reading to Debi, doing your school projects on your own, reading without being asked, being kind to all of your friends, mowing the lawn, and being my delivery boy.  Thank you for being the peacemaker. Thank you for seeing what needs to be done and doing it.


Your broke your left arm twice when you were little, and you were so tough.  The doctor said you should be a linebacker.

I am sad to think that we will only have you in our home for five more years.  That isn’t very long.  Our time with you has already flown by, and I know it will fly by even faster.


The girls will fall in love with you.  You are smart, you play Beethoven, you speak French, you play baseball, and you make far fewer bodily noises than your brothers.  But hopefully, the girls won’t be coming around too soon.  Let’s keep you under the radar.  I love you!



Your mom.



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