A Day in the Life of an Overloaded Mom

What a crazy few weeks we’ve had!  But finally, this weekend we went to St. George, a vacation we all desperately needed. The day before we left, I did eight loads of laundry, packed, cleaned the house, showed the house twice, baked bread, went grocery shopping, went to piano lessons, tried to buy a guitar, saw a house, made dinner, wrote an article, and made bread pudding for my son’s birthday the next day. 

This kind of schedule is not advisable.  


Trying to be super mom is a real pain in the neck. 

It wasn’t a schedule I had wanted but life just throws things at you sometimes, and sometimes you’ve just got to knuckle down and do it. Still, it was too much.  This became apparent when we lost Eli after his baseball game.  We went to view a house with plans to pick up Eli around 8:45 on the way home.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are selling our house to move closer to the captain’s work.  We stayed at the house too long asking too many questions.  We simply weren’t paying attention to the time and by the time I got to the baseball fields at 9:00, I couldn’t find Eli.  

There was a team playing that had the same uniforms as his team, (why do they do that?!!) but Eli wasn’t there.  The fields were still busy with lights on everywhere, but I couldn’t find him.  I noticed someone had called ten minutes before so I called back only to be told by a team parent that Eli had decided to walk home.  It was dark and cold outside, but I drove home, keeping my eyes peeled for him.  He wasn’t home.  I tried not to panic, but turned around, driving slower, looking more carefully.  

There he was though in the other parking lot at the baseball fields, waiting for me.  It was really cold, and he was in tears.  He’s such a patient boy, but still, patience can only take you so far.  I offered many little prayers of thanks on the way home, apologized to the poor boy, and resolved that we had to get things under better control around here.  

Today I got up really early to plan my day and have made it a priority to plan every morning no matter what.  Wow!  Does it feel good to know what you’re doing!

Anyway, here’s a few pictures of our little trip.  We love cousins!   



Tomorrow I post the whole lot of them!  



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