Ten Reasons Why You Should Only Do Your Laundry Once a Week

1.  Your laundry room stays cleaner.  If you get all the laundry in and out in one day, you can keep the laundry room (or closet or hallway) clean the rest of the week.


2.  You keep better track of your clothing.  So often clothing gets lost on the laundry room rack or the dryer or the washer, but if it’s all put away at once, chances are that you’ll find it easier.

3.  Household items such as sheets and towels get washed on a regular basis.  A “hypothetical” ten-year-old may never remember to wash his sheets and towels, but if you have a weekly washing day, everything gets washed.

4.  It prevents redundant washing.  Often towels and other items get washed more often than they need to but if all the laundry is done once a week, you’ll save yourself from doing unnecessary laundry.

5.  It helps you spot problems easier.  You’ll notice when you are washing your son’s seven pairs of jeans and his one pair of underwear each week, and you’ll be able to help him correct this situation.  You’ll notice which of your children’s hampers are stuffed the highest which will give you the opportunity to teach them hang up their clothes.

6.  It’s more energy efficient in the summer.  I find it best to heat up my house with the dryer just one day a week instead of every day.

7.  You can do a better clothing inventory.  If your son complains that he doesn’t have enough shorts, take a clothing inventory on laundry day. Not only do you know how many pairs of shorts he needs, but you also know what colors he already has and what colors he needs.   Looking at all of his clean shirts can help you buy shorts that will go with the shirts he already has.

8.  It saves money.  Once you do a weekly washing, you often find clothing you didn’t know you had. I had planned on buying two new pairs of Sunday pants for two different boys.  After we put away the laundry, the laundry rack was still stuffed with clothes that no one was claiming.  After going through each item on the rack with my boys, we found a pair of Sunday pants that my older son had grown out of but fit my younger son perfectly.  We also discovered another set of Sunday pants that had been given to our family by a cousin that fit my older son.  A few pairs of shorts and some shirts were also reallocated.  After going through the mismatched socks, I found seven pairs of socks for our four-year-old, who prior to laundry day had no socks.  I won’t need to shop for new clothes this week after all.

9. Clothes last longer.  When I have given a full day to laundry, I am more likely to focus on washing them according to the instructions.  I also find that I am pretreating more of my clothing before I put it in the wash and watching to see if the stains come out before I put the clothing in the dryer.  Once a stain sets in the dryer, it’s nearly impossible to get out.  I also didn’t forget about clothes in the washer or clothes in the dryer, thus avoiding both stinky and wrinkly clothing.

10.  If saves time.  You gather clothing and sort clothing only once a week instead of several times a week.  You also put away all of the laundry just once a week instead of constantly putting away laundry and telling your children to put away their laundry.  As mentioned before, you spend less time looking for clothing because it has all been put away.



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