7 More Signs You Have ADHD


Here are seven more ways to know if you might have ADHD.

1.  You friend tells you about her grandmother’s funeral and you say, “I wonder if they have good beaches in Madagascar.”

2.  You do get your kids their immunizations.  Unfortunately, you have no way to prove this to the school registrar.

3.  You don’t shop from wedding registries or do taxes or read instructions of any kind.

4.  You don’t navigate phone prompts but just keep pushing zero until someone starts talking to you.

5.  You are very proud of your listening skills.  You timed yourself while your friend was talking and you lasted 53 seconds.

6.  You hate waiting in lines.  You pinch your child so she will scream.  The people in front of you part like the Red Sea.

7. You start a blog.  You don’t post for several weeks and then post four entries in one day.

And seven more more reasons you might have ADHD.



  1. I have to say I think we have all done those things if you have kids…the 10 trips to the car happens daily here. Or not having the right paperwork for when I need it…good thing the military keeps track of those immunizations in one system and I just have to get them printed each time we move.

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