7 Signs You Have ADHD

It’s easy to spot a kid with ADHD in five minutes, but diagnosing an adult is a little bit more complicated.  However, this test will help you know if it might be time to get some help.  Please check all of the following that apply.


Becky Blackburn considers herself an expert on ADHD.

1.  You don’t know where your phone is.  Or your keys.  Or your wallet.  Or your purse . . . .

2.  You don’t know your home phone number because it is conveniently programmed into your cell phone.  Which is lost.

3.  Flashes of brilliant ideas randomly come to you.  You rush to write them down, but you cannot find a pencil.

4.  You go to the county office to get your five-year-old’s birth certificate only to find out that he has a different name than the one you’ve been calling him.

5.  You get a text that says, “Are you coming?”  Four day later you reply, “To where?  And who is this?”

6.  You walk into a room and have no idea why you are there.

7.  In college, you spent so much time at the campus lost and found that the attendant figures you must be hitting on him. He asks you out.  You tell him to get lost.  He says, “Fine, but you can find me here tomorrow.”  Sadly, you show up the next day and realize that the attendant and your lost phone are now a package deal.

If you answered three or more questions, “yes,” then you probably have ADHD.

Seven more signs that you have ADHD.  



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