We Don’t Know Where We’re Going to Be Living this Summer, But Other Than That, We’re Good

I haven’t talked much about selling our home, but things are moving forward, and we should be moving out by mid-July.  We don’t know where we are going yet—-Dave’s bank has still not decided on its permanent location, and we don’t want to buy until that is settled.  We do have a solid back up plan though which helps, but I will really be a rest when we are moved in somewhere.

Even though we’re dealing with home inspectors and disclosure documents and broken sprinklers heads, we are still doing baseball games, birthday parties, kindergarten graduation, and a Peter Pan play.  You really ought to see it.  My brother-in-law will be playing a mermaid tonight.


I attended Ricky’s kindergarten graduation which has to be the most unnecessary event in the world.


Deborah had to have her picture too! Her crown says it all.

I prayed for more faith a few months ago, but I prayed just to have more faith, not to develop more faith.  There’s a big difference.  Yet here I am put on the second track, the development track, and boy has it been a bumpy ride.  We are learning to take one day at a time, to move forward with the information with have, and to just be patient.  Then there are moments where I just totally freak out about everything.

I know, I know.  It’s just a move for crying out loud.  I’m not directing the Starship Enterprise or leading a bunch of elves into battle or trying to take down the most evil and powerful wizard ever.  And we all know why I’m not been asked to do any of that. Yes, I’m finding my current growth track quite sufficient, thank you very much.

Ricky and Debi have been completely oblivious to the move, and for some reason, I find this very funny.  When we tell them about it, Ricky will just shrug his shoulders and say, “Yeah, let’s go to a new house.”  Easy peasy.

A few weeks ago, I took Ricky to the bus stop for afternoon kindergarten.  While I was tapping my toes, wondering why the bus wasn’t still there, Ricky said, “Today is going to be an AWESOME day.”

“Oh really?” I laughed.  “Why?”

“Because this boy in my class saw my shirt yesterday, and he said, ‘Hey I have that shirt.  You wear your shirt again tomorrow and I’ll wear mine.'”

“So you’re wearing the same shirt you wore yesterday?”  scanning his shirt to see if it was dirty.  It was, but not spaghetti dinner dirty.

“Yep!” he answered happily.  How awesome is that?  Excited because you’re going to match shirts with one of your friends?  My neighbor and I have the same shirt.  Maybe I should call her and ask her to wear it tomorrow.

Image  And then there’s Deborah who acts like going to the bus stop is like going to a ball.  One day, right before we went, she put on her high heels and took her high fashion doggie purse.  And I took pictures.  I wouldn’t have even thought of that if I didn’t have a blog, but now I do.


Just wanting you to know that this blog and you readers out there are a tender mercy too.  You have no idea.

What were some challenges you had?  How did you face them?


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  1. There’s nothing more stressful in life than moving. At least in my experience. Maybe I’m blessed. But yeah, moving is HORRIBLY stressful, as I’m sure you already know. Good luck! I can’t believe you guys sold your house. I gotta say I’m pretty sad. Loved coming there and being able to take a walk over to Gymboree and the carousel and Malawi’s pizza.

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