What Women Really Want

Hollywood is in the fantasy business, but when it comes to understanding the dreams of women, the guys in Tinseltown are completely clueless.

Fast cars? Who cares?

Glitzy casinos? Yawn.

Explosions? Bor-ing.

2012-6-Alaska BonVoyage

A cruise is nice too, but it’s not what we want the most.

But one show understood us. “The Brady Bunch” knew what we women wanted more than anything, knew what we were too ashamed to acknowledge but fantasized about every time we cleaned our kitchens as the kids fought over the XBox: Alice.

Alice, played by the charming Ann B. Davis, was the beloved housekeeper in the popular ’70s show.   Wearing a starched blue uniform with a clean white apron, she looked and acted more like a grandma than a maid.

Alice’s wisdom knew no bounds. She brought balance and tranquility to a busy household and became the mediator when the family was in crisis. The fact that she kept the house clean was simply a bonus.

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