Moments of Joy

While I really hate packing and organizing, I decided to not let those things get in the way of my happiness.  (I’m tracking my organizing projects as well if you are interested.)  One of the great perks of being a blogger is that you pay more attention to moments of joy, and then you want to capture them.

I had one of those moments this morning.  I don’t know why, but filling up our 12 passenger van with children just makes me SO HAPPY!

Van 020

Van 017

Debi knows just how I feel.

Why was I so happy?  I think it brought back memories of my childhood when my aunts (or mom) would load up the van with cousins.  We would drop by house after house, just like a bus and pick up more and more cousins until we were squished beyond capacity.  Then they would drop us off at the mall and let us run wild:)  But that’s another story.  I don’t think my mother and my aunts realized just how much they were doing for me.  I was such a shy little girl, but being surrounded by all my cousins was so reassuring.   I felt like a million bucks riding in that van, like I was part of some cool club, surrounded by kids that adored me.

Driving all those kids today brought back all those feelings, and I hoped that the kids in the van felt the same way today.

Women are really good at organizing things and arranging things, and this builds community.  We organize the wedding showers, the reunions, the carpools, the parties, but we undervalue these capacities.  Sometimes such simple things can make such a huge difference!

On the morning of swim team signups, I realized with dismay that the two families in our neighborhood who usually did swim team were not doing it this year.  Carpool Alert!  Frantically, I sent out a massive text to the neighborhood.  At first, I was going to send out a lazy text, but decided it would be wise to send a long text with every bit of information the parents might need—the times of practice, the duration of the season, the cost, division of age groups, and the swim meets.   (Women are also good communicators.)  I also told them that they needed to go over and sign up within the next half hour:)  As a result of that simple text, we had a van full of kids this morning in our van.   Also, because of that simple text, I am only driving them once this morning!

Van 023

The ultimate carpool vehicle.

What things do you do in your neighborhood to build community?  What things would you like to do this summer to build community?


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