I Love Wedding Days!

Last Thursday, our good friend Moses got married, and the captain and I were invited to their wedding ceremony at the Mount Timpanogos temple.


I had spent my day up to the ceremony sorting through stuff since we are moving next month which didn’t exactly put me in the right frame of mind when we got there, but slowly the stillness and peace of the temple descended over me, and I could truly rejoice in my friend’s blessed day.


Moses and his sweetheart came into the room beaming and radiant.  They were then sealed for time and all eternity.   After the sacred ceremony, we all gathered round the couple to embrace them.  Moses gave me a big hug and said, “I am so so so so happy!”

Quiet places are a good thing for me right now, and I don’t get enough time in them.  I believe all religions value holy places.  These places set us apart from the world and give us peace and bring clarity to our cluttered lives.  Buddhists have holy places  as do Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Christians.  Although we need more time in these places, our modern world seems to be very good at pulling us away from them.

It is not easy for me to find time to go to the temple, but it is a sanctuary.  The temple is clean and quiet and peaceful.  When something is troubling me, I often go to the temple in search of help and enlightenment.  It is God’s house, and we can feel closer to him by going there.

I once heard a man say, “I don’t know why all of my friends insist on going to see the land of Israel.  They say they want to go where Jesus walked.  I tell them I want to go where Jesus is.”   (Mormons heavily frequent their temples and the land of Israel:))

The Mormon church is the only Christian church that still has temples.  The Lord has commanded us to build temples just as he commanded his people of ancient Israel to build them.    Couples are married for “time and all eternity”  in temples which means that they will be together even after deah.


A happy Moses.



The Family



At their wedding reception later that night.



And what is going on with my hair?  Isn’t the captain so photogenic?

What is the last wedding you’ve to lately?  Where is your holy place or quiet place you rejuvenate?  (If you have questions about the post, feel free to e-mail me at beckyblackburnwrites@gmail.com.



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