Toss Out the Headless Lego Guy Please

Why do we have so much stuff?  I asked myself this question yesterday as I sorted through all the toys in our house, tossing out stray walkie-talkies and broken crayons.   I was in a rotten mood by the end of the day. Sorting through stuff is so emotionally exhausting.  I feel guilty because hey,  we were planning on making sock puppets or doing chemistry set experiments together.   We were going to turn our children into braniacs by playing endless hours of Trivial Pursuit.


Debi very proud of her toys

It doesn’t help that I remember that a dear grandma gave us this gift or that this game cost $45.  (And how is is possible that despite that fact that no one has ever actually played the game, we still managed to break the most important piece?    I look at all the toys,  the toys I was going to sit down and play with because cool moms play with their kids, and I feel torn.  There’s a feeling of regret and then there’s an impulse to just toss it.

Who wins out in this struggle?  Well let’s just say that our garbage truck pulled away this morning with some bags full of unwanted toys.  I try to block out Toy Story, hoping that no headless Duplos haunt me tonight.

Which leads me to the question?  Why do we have so much stuff?  And why do toys looks so enticing in the store when we spend the rest of our lives picking those %&*R%$#$ toys up?!

The great irony is that we buy things because we think that those things are going to increase our quality of life.  We see ourselves playing games with our children.  We imagine sitting at a table, patiently putting together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle while finding out how our fifteen-year-old really feels about girls.  But instead we yell at our kids to pick up the stray game pieces.

My mother dropped by and worried that I was getting rid of too much stuff.  She might be right?  But how do we find that balance?  How do we keep enough without tossing everything?

How do you manage all of your stuff?


One comment

  1. Clean, clear, sort but don’t throw away any legos! My 30 year old son just bought a house and decided to check out the LARGE bin I have been saving for my boys for many many years now. He and my 22 year old spent 2 DAYS sorting legos – past the colored small bins I have stored them in they are now sorted into small baggies in the plastic shoe boxes in the larger box. Size, shape color, head, accessory, decal… They looked up their old sets to find all the right parts to make a complete set. Unfortunately heads have rolled, swords have disappeared and visors and helmets have disappeared and wings have been chewed on (don’t ask). The accountant in my son surfaced and he discovered that if he had one small complete set, he could have sold it on ebay and earned 15% interest per year since he bought it…. if only he had the right head…
    Duplos… maybe not so much…

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