It’s Time for a Relationship Talk. Hey! Where Are You Going?

I know it’s still kind of early for this, but I think we should just go ahead and have the relationship talk now.  There’s a lot of you out there who are reading these posts, but I have no idea who you are.  Stalkers?  Talent scouts?  The CIA?  It’s really cool how I see where you’re all from: Japan, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Kenya, Guatemala and even Canada, but do you love me?  Do you care?


I guess I just feel like I’m putting myself out there, letting myself be all vulnerable, and you are just not willing to take any risks in this relationship. I know it’s scary to let down your guard, but don’t worry.  You’re safe with me.  I will not let you down.

Some of you have you have been totally awesome.  You know who you are.  Your comments have made me laugh hysterically, and let me just say, I need a good laugh these days.

But I’d love to hear from more of you.  Comments are freaking awesome.  If you have a blog, PLEASE include your link in the comment so I can come on over and check you out.  If comments require too much effort, then just click the follow blog button on the upper right hand corner, and I will be so very happy.

If you don’t know what to say on a comment, here’s a few suggestions.

1)  Have you lost weight?

2)  I love your writing!  Btw, I’m the acquisitions editor over at Simon and Schuster, and we really want to publish you.

3)   Your pictures are pathetic, but I’m a photographer at National Geographic.  I’d like to be your photographer too, and I know how to make you look skinny.

These are all acceptable.  Just cut and paste, and you’re done.

Finally, I would love to have a few guest bloggers once in a while!  O-kay, so I admit we’re not exactly high profile here yet, but think about it. Maybe when I’m up to 30 followers, you’ll wish you had posted on my blog when you had the chance.   Who knows?  I could be up to 30 followers by the end of the day so you better pipe up now if you want to post!

Love you guys!

What do you think?  Comments anyone?



  1. Just found you yesterday through Bonnie. Love her, just getting to know you, but so far, so good.

    Also, here a little about me. I miss my 20 year old body. It was awesome then; not so much now. Oh well.

  2. Hey! I also found you through Bonnie.

    Love your blog, especially the parenting bits and bobs!!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hey Becky!! I just started following your blog and I totally agree about comments – they are awesome and so fun to get! I have NO idea how many people read my little o’blog cuz only 3 or 4 people comment – but its ok!! I read quite a few blogs and don’t comment – terrible huh? But you have encouraged me to start commenting – thank you!!

    Have a great weekend!

    BTW – have you lost weight?? 😉


  4. Becky–
    So, I don’t really FOLLOW your blog, because, honestly, I can’t sift through that many emails from that many people, but I LOVE reading it when you post it on facebook. I think you are a fabulous writer, and hit on a great many points that I can relate to. I comment when I have a few moments, and just comment in my head when I don’t. I have a blog too, but I’m embarrassed to say that as my teenagers get older, my ability to find quiet time has lessened–maybe I need to start getting up and blogging in the MORNING, since they love to sleep in, but like to stay up late at night, when I used to blog…(And my other time for blogging–Sunday mornings–was overtaken by primary chorister prep). Ah–the beauty of an ever changing path of life. . .
    And, teenagers are easily EMBARRASSED by what one posts. Which really dampers many of my GREAT commentaries!

    Anyhow, my blog can be found at It is sparse right now, but I’m hoping to really start writing more consistently this summer.

    I really would like to just have my own blog page without using blogger. I had to delete my first year, due to limited space (Don’t worry. I created a few blog books–my contribution to family journaling), but, I just can’t seem to find time to take a class in how to create your own independent blog. (You may just have stumbled into my weakness in life–time management.)

    Keep writing. It helps me feel connected. And really, I would much rather listen to the thoughts inside your head than stare at you and try to figure out if you have gained or lost 5 pounds. I personally continue to hope that the pearly gates are very wide to let my hips in, even if the path to get there is narrow!

  5. I’ve loved what I’ve seen on Facebook. I’m glad you are linking it.

    If YOU need to lose weight, you will need to be hospitalized and force fed. And I’ll need to get on the Biggest Loser. I’m just sayin’.

  6. I am going to check out your blog right now! Quiet time is a precious commodity is it not? I try to blog in the morning too, but morning time is precious too—any reading, exercising—it’s all crying for that time, and sometimes sleep just takes over anyway.

    It’s good though to think that whatever we write we will cherish later. I will have to ask you about how you put your blog stuff in books. That scares me to pieces right now, but someday—I’ve used blogger too, and I have to say I like wordpress much better. I will check out your blog.

  7. Yeah, that 20 year old boy was pretty freaking awesome. But when I’m sixty, I’ll be thinking, “I miss my 40 year old body.” Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

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