Carving Out Quiet Time When Life Is So Busy

Just want to thank all of you that left comments on my blog last week.  You are awesome!!!  Hope you had a great father’s day too.   Check out the awesome dad below!

Life has never been busier:  last minute repairs, house closing, wedding receptions, family in town, scout camp (next week), swim team, tennis tournaments, and let’s not forget PACKING!  In less than four weeks, we need to be completely out of here.

Wedding 006

We love weddings!

And despite all of this, I still feel it’s important to carve out quiet time.  I went to yoga this morning.  I hadn’t been for close to a year, but it sure felt good.

I also want to spend more time reading, especially reading with my children.  I’ve been trying to read more for the last week now, surprised at how much time I can carve out, somewhere between 2-3 hours a day.  Here’s a few things that helped me get in the time.

Waiting Rooms 

We were at the dentist last week, but I stuffed a National Geographic in my purse before leaving.  Things went like this.

Me:  Standing at the dentist’s counter, flipping through the magazine.   Hey Davy, check out this cool article about rock climbing.

Davy:  Nah.  Oh, but what does that guy have stuffed in his mouth?

Me:  It’s called a face plate.  The Amazon chiefs wear them.  Want to read about that?

Davy:  Nah.  I sit down and start reading the Amazon article .  Davy sits down on the opposite side of the couch.  I read aloud, and Davy slowly starts scooting in towards me.

We get just ten minutes together, but ten minutes is ten minutes.

In the Car

We took Boys in the Boat with us on our way to a wedding reception.  My mother-in-law, a great reader herself,  recently sent us this book about the US rowing team that took gold in the 1936 Olympics.  Reading aloud provides great opportunities for discussions.  We talked about the Great Depression, and the boys were appalled that banks lost so much of people’s money.  The captain piped in too, talking about a friend who was a great rower and also explaining the mechanics of rowing.

On our way home, one of the boys asked, “Ugh.  Do we have to read?”

“Yes,” I said and then dove right into the book before he could protest again.  That round trip got us a good 45 minutes of reading in, and there were no more complaints.

Reading Log

One way to keep tracking of reading is to do a reading log.  I’ve been mentally keeping one, and it’s been surprising how much more I read when I do that.  I’m more inclined to open a book for fifteen minutes than play a game on my phone.  Just recently discovered a fabulous clean romance writer that I’ll have to tell you about tomorrow.  I’m going to try a written log and post that too.   Gotta run!

How have you found time for reading?




  1. This is a great idea. When my daughter and I drove to California I had her read to me as I drove. The time flew by… unfortunately I get carsick if I read.

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