Why You’ve Got to Check Out the Museum of Natural Curiosity

So have you been to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point?  Apparently, you all went yesterday morning when we went.   It was Disneyland on steroids with kids everywhere.  


The place was packed, but that’s because it totally rocks.   They’ve got a water works area, a tropical rain forest area with the largest  jungle gym you’ve ever seen, a lab for budding scientists, a charming town reminiscent of Disneyland’s main street, and endless children’s gardens.


I loved the little African market place where you shop for beans and pineapples and mangoes.   I played the cashier for my nieces and daughter, but then all the kids in the museum wanted me to ring their stuff up for them.   I was really getting into the role, making up the prices for everything, giving out change,  and let me tell you, I was raking in the money.  I would have stayed there forever if my little niece didn’t start to wander off.  I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but I think I’ve got the makings of a brilliant business woman.


My mother took all of her grand kids there as part of her annual cousins’ camp.  She put them all in their gray camp T-shirts, explaining that we’d be better able to keep track of our kids that way.  This might have worked with say neon shirts and blinking lights, but the grey shirts were doing us no favors.

There were ten kids to keep track of between the two of us, and all I did was children’s inventory.  “There’s Emery, and there’s Deborah, now where did Josie go?”

At the end, when we tried to shift the mass of kids to the next attraction and my mom ran off to get the picnic, I lost one of the kids. Fortunately, he was my own, the infamous, Roaming Ricky, who I lost just a few days ago.  Losing a child is SO stressful.  I don’t know how an ADD mom like me ends up with a child Ricky, who not only go lost, but shortly after we found him,  had an allergic reaction that landed him in the ER.

Other than that, the day was great!

A few tips for the museum.

  • We went at the worst time.  They say it’s practically empty around 4:00 in the afternoon.
  • When grandmas get seasonal passes, they get all of their grandchildren in for free.  Any other guest is half off.  So we really milked the system.

Taking kids out on outings?  Is it worth it?


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