Moving to A Far Away Place. Nine Minutes Away.

I am so tired right now, I just might fall asleep as I write.  The movers came and had us packed up in four hours.  They were freaking awesome.  One guy was a gentle giant, but he kept messing with me.


Good bye house!

Like when he scratched his head when they came in and said, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of stuff.  And we only brought the pick-up to move it in.”


“Ha!  Ha!” he said.  I laughed too and then gave him a scolding for messing with a woman who is about to lose her mind.

I just called all the utility companies—meant to do that earlier of course.  We will not have hot water this weekend:(

It is just me or is moving so incredibly soul numbing?  Sorting through papers, stray game pieces, dirty socks—I just feel so blah right now.  Or maybe that has to do with being completely and totally exhausted.

We are moving to Lindon, Utah which did not get us much closer to hubby’s work.  Our house here sold fast, the captain’s office location was uncertain, and we didn’t find a new house so we decided to camp out our Lindon home (that we’ve been renting out) until we got things settled. Except WE ARE NOT MOVING AGAIN!  If we’re still not close enough to his work, the captain can interview for another job, because that is MUCH EASIER than moving.

The move was tough because our Lindon house is half the size of our current one, but I’m actually pretty excited about that.  I won’t have to organize a search party when one of the kids gets lost in the house.  It will be harder for the kids to hide from me when they don’t feel like doing their chores. My kids will no longer be able to claim that they didn’t hear my calling them.  We won’t have five bathrooms to clean.

We’ll have to see how things go.  Have any of you guys downsized?  How did it go?

Oh, and I think we’re going to go see How to Tame Your Dragon right now.  Anybody want to come?



  1. Good luck with the move. We are piling in the care right now to see the same movie. I hear its good.

  2. I hope you enjoy the move and the new house. I know someone who thought the only thing worse than moving was death. A bit much but moving can be a hassle. Glad your movers were good.

  3. All I can say is I HATE moving. It makes no difference if it is around the block or hundreds of miles. It is all a pain.

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