And I Thought Things Were Supposed to Get Easier After We Moved In!

There are certain things we take for granted.  Hot water.  Internet.  Ice.  Washer and Dryer.  Mops.  Garbage cans.  Ceilings that don’t sag.  Never again!   But I am so grateful to cleaning people, contractors, heating and air guys, a good mom, carpet cleaners, sweet aunts, sweet sisters, and our new next door neighbor who have been a great help.


You are getting this picture because there’s no way I’m showing you a picture of me this week.

Funny story:  Our movers were . . . interesting.   While not exactly professional, they were willing to do things that most movers acquainted with even an iota or tort law would not have been willing to do.  Like take down our tramp and set it up again.

Or haul our storage shed hanging  our of their truck with just a wimpy rope.  When I say hanging out of the truck, I mean 20% of the shed was in the truck and 80% was hanging out of the truck.  We followed the truck back to our house and gave them wide clearance.  The boys kept saying, “It’s going to fall!  It’s going to fall!” but it didn’t.  When we got to our house, Mike, a large Tongan fellow who I’ve grown to love , said, “We were totally not supposed to do that!”  I gave them all good tips.


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