Why We Decided to Downsize and Second Thoughts

As I mentioned in the last post, one factor that helped us decided to downsize was that we could pay off our house.

We had been using the captain’s bonuses to pay down our smaller home which we had been renting out for the past seven years.  (We had chosen to pay down our small house first since it was far less daunting than paying off the mortgage on our larger home.)

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It’s so hard to move when you become emotionally attached to your home. We had so many great family memories–especially in our backyard.

Because we had been steadily paying down our smaller home, we realized that if we sold our large home, we could use the cash to completely pay off our smaller home and still have some cash leftover for emergencies.

It was a no-brainer right?

But we still had some real concerns.  We were moving to be closer to work, yet we were just moving ten minutes up the street.  What would our friends think?

And what would the people think in our new/old neighborhood?  “Yeah, so we left you guys seven years ago, but then we decided we’d pop back in for a while—-or maybe forever.  We’re not sure yet.”

And then there was the fact that the smaller home was a split level, which was not exactly compatible with my ADHD brain, a brain which also has a lot of split levels.  And wouldn’t we be just too crowded?  Would the kids be fighting all the time?  Could we fit around our dinner table?  Would we ever host again?

And what about the captain’s work?   Weren’t we trying to increase his quality of life?  We would be moving a little closer to his work, but he would still have a half hour commute.  There was potential here.  The captain loved to bike and the bike trail near our house went fifteen miles closer to his work and ended at a Front Runner station.  Could there be some kind of mixed biking/commuter train combination that might just work?

And then there were days where I just didn’t want to move at all.  We loved our neighborhood, our friends, our children’s friends, and the thought of leaving them behind was just too sad.

We still didn’t know what we were going to do a week before we had to move.  Our renter was moving out in a few days, and we were tempted to say, “Could you not move out until we have this thing totally figured out?”  We looked at houses the Monday before the movers were coming.  We found one closer to the captain’s work (about a fifteen minute commute), got all excited about it, only to discover that there weren’t very many teenagers in the neighborhood.  The HOA fees were kind of a drag too, and there were no trees.

The captain advised me that it might be a little late to be looking, and we should just move forward with our plan to move in to our smaller house and pay it off.  So we did.  That’s in the end was what helped us finally decide.  We were out of time.

We’ve found both an upside and a downside to downsizing.

What do you think are the most important factors in choosing where to live?



  1. I’m with you on the commute. Ben has a 30-45 minute commute… so tonight I call at 6:30, he says he’s just leaving, and we don’t see him until 7:15. Trees, playgrounds, kids, close to work, all important. All, close to ward members. We’re not close to any members here.

  2. I am a new reader. Hopped over from thelifeofbon congrats Auntie, btw. I love your blog. It’s very diverse in many ways. You are an awesome writer.
    Funny how you and Bon are alike in many ways. Your “voices” are very similar. Interesting. When my house went into foreclosure, I found so much stuff that I had not even touched since I had moved in ten years ago. And I promptly left all that crap right there. I live in an efficiency apartment now. It can be done. All I miss is my dog.

  3. Thank you! My blog is sometimes a little too diverse I fear and I am trying to find some focus. I love my sister Bon. So proud of her and her new baby. An efficiency apartment sounds great.

  4. It’s hard to weigh it all, isn’t it? Today the captain took his bike with him to work. He’s going to try to ride it most of the way home, then ride back tomorrow and drive home. We’ll see how it goes.

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