Why We Decided to Downsize

We are not at the stage of our lives where people typically downsize. Our kids have not left the nest. We don’t have time for golf.  We’re not looking to move to Arizona anytime soon.


Our old home. Wasn’t it beautiful? Sigh.

But here we are, moving from a 4000+ square foot home with a five car garage to a 2200 square foot home with a two car garage. And we have five kids. They are loud. They are sloppy. They are known to get into frequent fracas with each other.

And yet we still made the decision to downsize.

How did this happen?

It happened accidentally when our family was biking past our old home that we still owned and my oldest son said, “Why can’t we move into our old house?”

Well of course we couldn’t move into our old house. It wasn’t close enough to the captain’s work (although closer than the house we were living in).  It was small.  It was a split level which was just so 80’s.

We already had a plan.  We would be moving to a home close to the captain’s work.  We would be buying a rambler where the captain and I would live on the main floor, and the children would live in the basement.

But then our son started whining as we were trying to enjoy our bike ride. “We should move into our old house.”

“I don’t know, honey. It’s not that much closer to your dad’s work.”

“Please? Can’t we? Please,” he begged.

“But you would be living in such close quarters with Davy.  Think about that.”

“I don’t care. I really really really want to move into our old house.”

“Why do you want to move there?”

“Because I could still hang out with my Provo friends sometimes, and we would live close to Nana.”   In fact, his new high school would be right across the street from his Nana’s house.  (My son loves his Nana since he frequently feels that he has been cheated in the mother department. I mean what mother makes her son do chores and read for a half hour every day in the summer?)

Still, maybe our son was on to something.

We toyed with the idea. Our old house was the small house in a great neighborhood.  It was close to the elementary, junior high, and high school which would mean less driving.  The house was not even a block away from a seventeen mile bike trail and was also in walking distance to both a track and tennis courts.  Several of my aunts and cousins lived in the area.  We love the tennis coach of the prospective high school.  There were several children who studied music seriously in the neighborhood which would encourage the musician in our own.

I could maybe keep the house cleaner.  Our lawn wouldn’t take so long to mow.  We could keep better track of the kids.  Getting Ricky dressed would be so much easier.

But most important of all, we could pay off the house.  See more about this on Why We Decided to Downsize Part II.

Have you ever downsized?  What was hard about it?  Would you do it again?


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