The Downside of Downsizing

Yesterday I talked about why we decided to downsize and while we felt good about our decision, it was really tough to actually do it.  We had to get rid of about half of our stuff.  Getting rid of that much stuff is harder than it sounds.


The final showdown. We do plan on parking into our garage next week.

So much of this process was satisfying.  I enjoyed going through all of our clothing with the boys, giving away that which we no longer needed, and storing our off-season clothing in our under the bed boxes.  We stored our gift wrap, off-season clothing, sheets, winter gear (coats, boots, gloves), and Legos under the beds.  Not only do these under the bed boxes have great storage capacity, but they are accessible, making it easy to both pull things out and put things away.


I also REALLY enjoyed purging the toys.  I had a little conversation with each toy I put in the give away bag:   “This is the last time I’m putting you away.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”  In no way did my laugh sound like a witch’s cackle.

But there were parts of this process that were really hard.

Making decisions was really hard.  I’ve always been taught to not waste, but this principle of conservation was at constant odds with the principle of simplicity.  “Do we really need this?”  The answer was almost always, “No.”  I’ve never gotten attached to things, but there was a certain guilt involved with letting things go—that somehow we had just not come through for our fondue pot.  We used it how many times?  Twice?

And it’s not like I was a fairy godmother, like I could just snap my fingers and the object in question would just disappear.  If only.  So many items had to be listed on KSL, so many phone calls and texts had to be answered, so many trips had to be made to Deseret Industries (our thrift store), and then our garbage cans were always overflowing.  I finally called the city and had them bring in two extra garbage cans.  Imagine wheeling out six cans for the garbage truck!

My low point was hauling stuff over to the dump.  Have you ever done that?  It is DISGUSTING!  The silver lining to this is that what ever germaphobia I once had is now gone.  I was totally shocked that I did not get some garbage flu disease or something.

What has surprised me through this process was that after getting past the initial guilt, it was really easy for me to let things go.  I haven’t missed any of it.  Well, we did miss our fertilizer spreader so I just went back to Deseret Industries and bought it back for $6.

Now for the upside of downsizing.  

Oh!  and today’s the 24th of July!  Want to know what we’re doing today?  

Do you feel you have too much stuff?  What makes it hard to let it go?



  1. we have too done the same things.feel the same way. 8 bedroon 5,000 sq ft to 2,00 3 bedroom now 2 bedroom 2 bath and 1,700’sq _t new job bew state and.less kid. rewarding and sad at the.same.time.

  2. I’m not surprised that getting rid of things can be hard. It seems like the more space the have the more stuff you have. It’s as if there is a need to fill it up.
    Glad you were able to let of go of things eventually despite the guilt.

  3. It is hard to let go of some things but, it is so freeing! I am on my way to becoming a minimalist. 🙂 Have a way to go but, i want to get there!

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