The Upside of Downsizing

While moving into a smaller home has been anything but easy, we are starting to see some great advantages.

1.  We’re left with our coolest stuff.


I love walking into our rooms because there’s no more ugly furniture.  I was worried that our furniture might not fit into our house very well, but everything came together so well and our rooms look pretty dang awesome.  Give me a month, and I’ll give you a tour of the whole house.


The captain made the chairs, the chess table, and the entertainment center.

2.  We can find things easier now.

We used to have to keep things like shoes, books, and cleaning supplies in many different locations so that they were readily accessible in our large house.  The problem was that with everything spread out in so many places, we had to look in all those places before we could actually find what we needed.  Now our shoes go only in our bedroom, and because they’re close to our living areas, it’s not a big deal to go and get them.  We’ve also discovered the Ricky owns fourteen pairs of shoes when before we thought he only had one left flip flop.

3.  I love our new library!

Books were also a pain to find because they were scattered everywhere, but now we have them all in one room, stored in a gorgeous built-in bookcase that the captain made seven years ago.  It holds a lot of books, and every time I walk past it, I feel happy.


4.  When I call my children, they answer.  Usually.

My kids know they have to answer me when I call them.   They can no longer use the excuse, “I didn’t hear you.”  I cannot tell you how nice this has been.

5.  Our kitchen cleans up fast.

The counters can be wiped in three minutes.  The floor takes five.  Unfortunately, I still have the same amount of dishes to clean up, but I did get rid of our salad spinner, which was a pain to wash and dry.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough storage space in my kitchen, but I have plenty.

6.  I know what the kids are watching on television.

A few days ago, I saw one of the boys watching something inappropriate, and I said, “What are you watching?”  He immediately changed the channel.

7.  I’ve learned that my kids watch a lot of television.  And they play on their iPods a lot.  They also love hanging out with the computer.

Yes, I knew all of this before, but now I know about it when it’s happening.  We’re slowly trying to change these habits.  Tennis, anyone?

8.  It’s easier to keep the house clean.

There are still parts of our house that need to be organized since our move, but the rooms we have unpacked are staying clean.  Everybody has a section they have to clean. Their areas are manageable.  It’s easier for me to go around and do inspections to make sure everyone completed their assignment.

I used to have a pretty bench at the end of our bed where I threw all of my clothes, but now we have no space for it, and I actually hang up my clothes now.

9.  I can break up fights before they escalate.

I’m right there at the first poke, and things don’t get out of control before I’m made aware of a problem.

10.   We have no mortgage.

You would not believe what kind of peace of mind this gives us.  When we hear about Malaysian airplanes being shot down and young people being kidnapped in the Middle East, yes, my stomach still turns, and yes, we pray for those families.  But in some way, the fact that we have our house paid off puts our minds more at rest.  Despite all the chaos in the world, our financial affairs are in order.

11. My six-year-old is now getting himself dressed in the morning.

Before it was such a hike to get to his room.  Now, I ask him to get dressed, and he actually makes it up the seven stars and down the short hallway.  It’s been amazing.  We’ve also started brushing their teeth more because the bathroom is so close now.


Do you find it easier to live in a larger or smaller home?

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  1. I love your “we’ve started brushing their teeth more” comment. haha. We have a small apartment (you’ll see when you get here) and I do love that it’s easy to maintain/keep clean. One level. If anything is out of place you can feel it because it’s pretty tight in here. So glad you’re over the worst part and settling in. Moving is the worst!!

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