I Didn’t Have Time to Read to My Children Because I Was Organizing my Jewelry and Other Excuses

Yesterday, after revealing my ambitious plan to read 101 classics with my children, I read nothing to them.

It was a busy day, but what day isn’t?  When does any mother look at her morning and think, “Oh my.  I have nothing to do today.  How jolly!”  (Sorry, but I’m going through a bit an anglophile phase right now.)


That lovely necklace around my neck is now untangled. It’s also why I didn’t read with my children yesterday.

Yesterday I got distracted organizing my jewelry.  It’s alarming just how entangled necklaces can become with each other!  I am certain that my coral and aqua necklaces were secret lovers the way they resisted my intervention.

Earrings have the opposite problem.  They are repelled by their mates, dropping into bottom drawers and falling behind desks if it means they don’t have to sit next to each other.  Now that I think about it, they’re probably not mates at all but brothers.  You should have seen how much they were poking each other, and their poking hurts!  My right ear lobe would know.

It’s ironic that I wasted so much time sorting through my earrings given that my right ear lobe has closed now and is no longer accepting customers.  I supposed I could wear an earring in my left ear, but I don’t know what wearing one earring in the left ear means these days although I am sure it is something dangerous.   I could be encouraging the state of Nebraska to secede for all I know.

Speaking of wasting time, I did find time to play about twenty games of Word Scramble, a game that so alluring because it only takes 2 minutes to play, and hey, I have two minutes.  And two more minutes.  And two more minutes.

So today I am going to try something different.  Today I am going to set some reading goals just for today.  Yes, it is more exciting grand to set large goals, goals like reading 101 classics to your children, but if I am serious about this, I must set more bite sized goals.

My goals for today

1.  Read the Velveteen Rabbit to my children.   It is a picture book, but hey, I could mark off my first of my 101. Yeah!

2.  Read one chapter of Charlotte’s Web with Ricky and Deborah.

3.   Read one chapter of Fluff Dragon with Davy.

Do I think I am up for the challenge.  Yes, I do!

What distracts you from read with your kids?



  1. Reading other people’s blogs distracts me from reading with my children 😉 Your hair looks amazing in that photo. How did you get it to do those curls? Love the color too.

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