Rabbits and Wheelbarrows

On Tuesday, I made a reading goal for the day.  It was this:

1.  Read the Velveteen Rabbit with Ricky and Deborah.

2.  Read one chapter of Charlotte’s Web with Ricky and Deborah.

3.   Read one chapter of Fluff Dragon with Davy.


We did meet the goal—in three days.   That’s ok; we are just getting started on this project, and it may take some time for us to get in great habits.  I found this article about making time to read quite inspiring.

We got through Velveteen Rabbit, but that’s a pretty wordy picture book, I must say.  Yes, it’s a classic, but Margery was quite the talker.  It’s very British and a little formal and even seemed to drag a bit.   Still, it’s a sweet story, and my children enjoyed it even though we have to take a break for a day or two before we finished it.

One of the unexpected bonuses or reading is getting fun idea.  The Velveteen Rabbit’s little boy liked to pushed his bunny around in the wheelbarrow.  So we decided to try it.  We even put on our bunny ears.






It occurred to me after Davy about got close to toppling the wheelbarrow that this may not be a wise activity.  I googled, “Is is safe to push around kids in a wheelbarrow?”   All I got was an article about the famous tightrope walker, Charles Blondin, who regularly pushed things like wheelbarrows and stoves across Niagara Falls.  When he asked if anyone in his audience was willing to get in the wheelbarrow as he pushed it across the falls on a tightrope, he got no takers.

Well we are certainly safer than Charles Blondin.

Did you ever get some great ideas from a book that you tried at home?



  1. As a girl I would go with my dad to my grandma’s house while he did yard work and my grandma would give me wheel barrow rides…slow controlled ones of course. And I have done the same with my grandkids. Teen/preteen boys in the driver seat is another story.

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