What Moms and Pulled Taffy and Apparently Spiders Have in Common

I’m back!  I was on a bit of a vay-cay last week, and boy did I need one!  One morning I just thought, “I need to go to the Shakespeare Festival,” and then I was calling a good friend and booking tickets.  (I had invited the captain to come, being the literary genius that he is, but he had to work. Thank you, good captain for always manning the fort.)  

december 012

We give up a lot for these precious vessels.

I booked decent tickets for Henry IV, great tickets for Comedy of Errors, and the best seats in the house for Sense and Sensibility!  I couldn’t believe it!  We were going!  

And I should have known better than to say at dinner, “I’m so happy, happy, happy! I can’t believe I’m going to the Shakespeare festival!  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!  This is the best day ever!”

Did I not remember the movie where the guy said, “This is the best day of my life!”  

Did I not remember the captain whispering to me, “It’s all going down hill from here!”  I about dumped my whole bucket of popcorn on the captain for thinking such negative thoughts, but he was right.  The happy guy got struck by a bolt of lightening twenty minutes later.  Captain has some amazing prophetic abilities when it comes to film and literature which means that he can be a bit of a downer when I drag him to the local Cinemark.    

Anyway, I forgot all of this while I was chirping like a bird, singing little ballads about my upcoming Shakespeare trip, and the Cap didn’t say one word to me.  But he thinking it.  I know he was thinking it, because the next morning I received this text from my friend.  “Something’s come up, and I don’t think I can go.”  

What???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her family needed her at home, and I couldn’t help but think, “Oh my goodness, this very thing happened in Charlotte’s Web!”  

1 charlotte's web

Wilbur, the pig, needs Charlotte, the spider, to go with him to the state fair so she can weave a web over his head that says, “Humble” and everybody at the fair will come to Wilbur’s stall and the judges will sigh in wonder and Wilbur will win first prize and Mr. Zuckerman won’t butcher Wilbur for bacon.  

So the spider here is critical.   

But the spider’s not sure she can go to the State Fair because she’s got to lay all of those 514 eggs.  In order words, her maternal duties are calling.  

I wonder if E.B. White meant to hit on such a big issue.  This is a children’s book, but wow, does he nail it on some major women’s issues.  Don’t we all feel this tension as mothers?   Don’t we feel like that taffy we see buying pulled at the fair?  We want to help our friends.  We want to leave our mark on the world.   But our children need us.  And our kitchen sink really needs us.  Pull, pull, pull.  Stretch, stretch, stretch.  Sigh.  The only solution is to eat lots of pulled taffy.

Must sign off!  The children are calling!

When have you felt most pulled between motherhood and friendship and just trying to be a decent super hero in general?   

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of this cliff hanging story!  



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