We Made It to Shakespeare!

So last time I talked about how excited I was to go on my Shakespeare trip with my friend and then how bummed I was when she told me she didn’t think she could go (after I bought the non-refundable tickets).

The worst part was that she couldn’t give me a yeah or nay until the night before we had to leave.  Yeah, and I’m not so good at suspense.  I love it in a Masterpiece! Mystery, but dealing with suspense in real life is the pits!  Inspector Poirot never had to figure out whether or not to hire babysitters or whether or not to book a hotel or whether or not to RSVP to a wedding dinner scheduled smack in the middle of Henry IV.

In the end, my friend was able to go.  Everything fell into place.   We laughed a lot on the way down.  I felt like a giddy nineteen year old again, and unlike my boys, my friend thought me hysterically funny!   I loved the plays so much that I booked tickets in two weeks for the fam.  I’ll be writing about those as soon as I have some time.


We made it!


Little Mermaid at Tuachan was fabulous and Ursula stole the show!

That went over really well.

“Hey guys, I thought we’d take a little family vacation to Cedar City and see some Shakespeare.”

“No-ho-ho,” as the boy make fake gestures of dying.  And he claims he’s not a thespian!

“Well it’s not all Shakespeare.  We’ll be seeing a Jane Austen play too.”

“What?! That’s even worse!”  But I know he’s secretly excited.  Anyway, he will not be able to claim that something’s come up, and he won’t be available to go.   We ARE going!


Just so you know, I have yards and yards and yards of stuff I want to write.  But school registration and broken dishwashers and loads of doctor’s appointments have kept me pretty busy.  Please stay in touch with me because next week the kids will be in school and I will have two hours to myself everyday.  I can’t wait!

What’s been a favorite road trip you’ve taken with a friend.


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