Really, Seriously, I Do Have Control Over My Life

Keeping up with this blog has been harder than I thought.  So has reading with my children.  Life is just too crazy.


Yesterday I was at the grocery store picking up a few things, and I noticed that their Tide Detergent was only $8 if you had the online coupons.  Not understanding how this worked, I took the detergent up to the register where the clerk told me that I could print off their online coupons and then bring them into the store for extra savings.

“Wait a minute,”  I said.  “So I need to go home and print the coupon off and then come back here to get the discount?”  The clerk acted like this new policy was very reasonable.  I don’t know if he felt that way after I left the Tide detergent with him at the checkout.

I called yesterday to see if the mountain of paperwork had finally been approved so that Ben could run cross country.   He had a meet that day.

“It hasn’t even been to committee yet,” the lady answered.  What?  This transfer student request has to go to a committee?  Who pays these guys?

Oh and did you know that if you call Comcast to order services, not only do you get to talk to a robot at the beginning of your call, but you get to talk to a robot at the end of your call too?

These little annoyances each day add up and take away precious time, and I struggle to not let it get me down.

But I’m still trying, finding pockets of time to read at least to Deborah.  We checked out a stack of Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales from the library this week.  It seemed a decent way to prepare for our trip to Germany next month.

It’s truly a delight to read to her.  I love snuggling.  Feeling closer to her.  We found this darling comic strip style book at the library.  It’s really hysterical although a lot of it went over Debi’s head.  Still, we both got a good laugh out of it.  And there were no cable companies, coupons, or committees involved.  You guys have got to check it out!



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