Check Out What Our 6th Grade Son Says When We Ask Him to Take Ballroom Dance Class

We’ve been thinking about signing up Davy for ballroom.  It’s two days a week after school, and they desperately need boys.   But we weren’t sure whether Davy would be game for it.


Davy in his natural habitat.

Davy is our boy who begged not to go to the Jane Austen play.  Davy hates classical music.  Davy is not a big fan of art museums. Davy is more of a bottlerocket, swimming, fireworks, airsoft gun kind of boy, and he is not what you would call a passive resister.  So even though we weren’t sure how Davy would respond to our ballroom class invitation, we had a pretty good idea.

We decided to put a hidden camera in the room.  (More like the captain pretended to be playing his Word Scramble game on his phone).  As you can tell, this is very unrehearsed.  If it were rehearsed, I would not have walked right in front of the camera at the beginning.  If it were rehearsed, we would not have had screaming children in the background.  If it were rehearsed, my voice would not have sounded quite so squeaky.  But here is how it all went down.

Ha!  Ha!





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