How is Everybody Else Doing It?

Last night that was the very question I asked:  “How is everybody else doing it?”

I mean for crying out loud, we were working at full capacity!  We were weeding our yard and repairing our scooters and power washing our deck and fixing storage shed doors and reorganizing our garage in hopes that this time, everything would fit (we’re getting closer people), but everywhere I turned there were still little messes popping up.  It was like playing that Whac-a-Mole game at the arcades, and let me tell you, that game used to put me over the edge.


And here is one of my moles popping up right now. Davy’s got some jump!

We had all sorts of moles popping up yesterday.  The kids left out all of their scooters again (but at least they’re repaired).  The laundry baskets were overflowing again.  A few kids forgot to do their homework again.  We had a few meltdowns again.

Then I made the mistake of opening the van after we had come home from our family reunion.  Horrified by the carnage inside, I closed it, hoping it wouldn’t be there in the morning.  Who knows?  I might just find chalk outlines, showing where all the empty cups and sweatshirts and school papers used to be.

Laundry 001

This is how my laundry room usually looks. Just thought that you should know.

I felt better when I read my sister’s blog and realized I’m not the only one who has these moments.

That’s why I’m writing this blog on 101 children’s classics (although I admit, we may only make it to 11 children’s classics).  The one time where I feel like I totally rock as a mom is when I’m reading to my kids.

Why reading to my children makes me feel like an awesome mom.  


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