What Children Have to Say About Heidi

We’ve been reading Heidi, and I just had to record this conversation with my kids.  It was so charming that I just grabbed a piece of paper and started taking notes.  This is roughly how it went (my notes are sort of sloppy).


And where do you think cheese comes from?


Me:  Would you guys like to eat cheese roasted on a stick like Heidi did?

Debi:  We should try roasting some cheese and marshmallows.

Ricky:  I want to go camping.

Me:  OK, so let’s see where were we?

Ricky:  I know what’s the best stuff to take camping—fire, wood, stick, sleeping bags, tents, marshmallows, graham crackers, frosting–(ah yes, the three food groups).

Debi:  Hey, I have an idea!  When we get bored, we can go camping!

Ricky:  So like in five or ten or seven weeks, can we go camping?

Debi:  Yeah!

Ricky:  Wait–can we go only go camping once a year?

Me:  Well, no, but it’s sometimes hard to go—

Ricky: I’ve notice that smoke is kind of hot.

I don’t give much advice on this blog, but today, you’re gettin’ some.  Actually, I’m just repeating the advice that my friend gave me eleven years ago and which I finally applied last week.  The minute your children say something adorable or funny, write it down.  My friend kept a separate notebook for each child.  I don’t know if I’m up for that level of organization, but I am going to get a notebook and keep it with me while I read to my children from now on.

Do you guys right down the funny things your children say?


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