The Key to Happiness: A 12 Passenger Van

I want to tell you about the most amazing thing in Utah County.  The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.  It’s held on Labor Day weekend although they wrap things up on Saturday night.  Special events like these can be challenging for big families–especially when you need to buy everyone a ticket, but there are always ways to make things happen.  We decided to become volunteers!

Last week, I took a van load of kids to help set up for the festival.  I love loading our 12 passenger van with children.  It makes me so so so happy.   It brings back memories of when I was a little girl, stuffed between all of my cousins in one of my aunt’s vans.  They would take us to the malls where we would run around like banshees.  Those were good times.  You can ask the security officer if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, I just love stuffing kids in a van because for one, I just love all of these kids and for two, it makes you feel so included–like you are a part of something wonderful, and in this case, we most certainly were!  We were helping with the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.



I signed up to bring our boys and when they told us what time to come, I asked if they could use more helpers.  Yes! was the answer.  When we arrived at Timpanogos Park, they lady in charge said, “This park is closed.  You guys can’t be here.”

“Oh,” I answered.  “We signed up to help.”  I wouldn’t exactly say the lady’s expression was one of dismay, but let’s just say she didn’t seem exactly overjoyed.  I don’t know what made her think we weren’t serious about helping.  Maybe it was the cooler.  Or the football.  Or just the rowdiness in general.

But she was a good sport about it all, and she did let us help.  They only needed us for about twenty minutes, and please be sure to thank us if you sat down on a chair while waiting for your shuttle.


The best part was that they gave us tickets to see Bedtime Stories.  More on the festival itself coming soon!


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