The Best Attraction in Utah County

The day after I came home from the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, I kept flipping through the schedule, hoping to find some crumbs of a story in there.  Yes, I had gone for two nights and an afternoon, but it wasn’t enough.  Hours on youtube only proved frustrating.  There were few recordings, mostly scratchy and blurry.  The few that were decent cut the storyteller off at the climax.  That is just cruel.


My friends and I volunteering at the festival. We had to guide people in one of the big tents. I directed a lady to the wrong tent and forgot to do the head count. But the stories were GREAT!

I cannot believe I have lived in Utah County and have not really attended the nationally renowned storytelling festival.  It’s like living in France and not bothering with the Louvre.   It’s like living in Vienna and never going to the concerts.  It’s like going on a cruise and not eating the food.

I want to go again this weekend, but apparently I have wait until next September.  You guys!  This is a national treasure!  The worst part is I can’t even really help you understand how hilarious the stories were about tortured boys scouts, juvenile storm chasers, and horror movie prop stealers.  I can’t do it!  So you’ve just got to take my word for it that you HAVE to go next year.

Here was one of my favorite storytellers, the Irish Clare Murphy explaining how truth hides itself in story.

Have you been to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival?  Who is your favorite storyteller?


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