How to Manage Backseat Divas

I recently noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the car, but I’m the kind of girl that likes to sit by the fireplace (if we had one) or curl up in a quiet place (alas, just a pipe dream).


My backseat diva.

Instead, as a mother of five, I get to race to piano lessons, stare down red lights, try to park at Target, and return overdue library books.  There is usually a child or two or three stuffed in the back seat, and I try to forget that they are there until one of them has thumped the other with a bag of Costco’s green beans.

I yell a quiet! and warn that if they do not cut it out, I am sure to wrap the car around a telephone pole.  This works for a minute or two until my teenager starts humming the Davy song, a song that he wrote himself and has dedicated to his younger brother, a song sure to inspire more thumping.

But I’ve decided that the best way to keep them calm is to distract them with a good story.  Fairy tales and Bible stories are fool proof as Snow White and Mother Eve prove better than Benadryl.

I started this a few weeks ago, and now, as soon as we get into the car, my little Deborah settles herself in her car seat, snaps on her buckle and orders, “Finish Joseph!” We’re on our third run of Joseph and his dream coat, and I guess it’s time to finally move on to Moses.

Do your children have any favorite stories?

How do you keep your kids quiet in the car.


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