Why It’s So Hard to Give Our Children Our Full Attention

Right now, as you are reading this, I am on an airplane, on my way to Germany!  Hooray!  

I’ve been trying to tell my children stories while I drive, but this is a tricky endeavor.  While I’m telling the story, I’m also trying to figure out a grocery list, not get lost again on the way to piano lessons, and remember which dry cleaners has our clothes.  


Because my brain is always multitasking,  I have a tendency to stop mid-story, and mumble something like, “Do we have any cream of tartar?” or “Was that a cop?”  Sometimes I am interrupted by a phone call saying that a prescription is ready for pick-up, and I usually get this call one minute after I’ve passed the store.  This makes it very hard to build up to a solid climax of Sleeping Beauty because illegal U-turns require a lot of concentration.    

My goal is to finish a story without any distractions.  Deborah is helping me with this.  “Mom!  Finish the story!” 

“Ah yes.  Where was I?  Joseph had a dream.   He dreamed of seven fat cows, and shoot, I was going to buy that beef on sale.” 

“Mom!  The story!” 

“Of course dear.  Joseph saved Egypt and fed his family. Oh dear.  What are we having for dinner?”

“Mom!  The story!”

Yes.  Joseph’s family came back to him, and he wept he saw his younger brother.  You know, gathering family is one of the most important things you can do in this life, and we must always forgive each other and hug each other and share with each other.  I love you, Deborah.”

“I love you too, Mom.  And I’m hungry.”       


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