Why I’m Not a Big Fan of a Wrinkle in Time

As I mentioned before, we are reading a Wrinkle in Time.  In fact, according to our Kindle, we are 60% through the book  This book won the Newberry Medal and is widely considered a children’s classic. 


But let’s be honest here.  The book is odd.  When we first started reading about the gifted little boy, Charles Wallace, my son said that he seemed creepy.  

There are also too many witches in the story, and it’s impossible to keep them all straight.   L’Engle should have followed the one witch per story rule set by the Brother’s Grimm.  Only a few writers have gotten away with breaking this rule, and if it’s done, one of the witches must be green. 

The story also seems to lack direction.  L’Engle is great at building suspense, I give her that, but sometimes it seems as if there’s nothing waiting at the end of the suspense.  And the children seemed pushed around a lot too which makes them feel like not very active protagonists.  We had to get half way through it before it seemed like they were finally making their own decisions.  

Anyway, I struggle because I’m not really a sci-fan, nor a I really into world creation and space travel.  I’m more into boy meets girl and that girl ends up with a castle.  And servants.  Because my fantasy novel contains not wizards or dragons, but servants.  Sigh. 

But my son Davy loves it sci-fi.  He begs me to keep reading each night, and we are turning the lights off way too late.   So we read and read, and I love that.  Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what I do love about A Wrinkle in Time.  

Have you read A Wrinkle in Time?  What do you think about the book?  



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