The Best Vacation: Crash at Another Mom’s House

We took a walk near my sister’s flat.  Can you believe they have grapevines growing a block away from them?image

Anyway, today I decided that we moms need to hang out with each other, and possible crash at each other’s house.  I am always wondering what other mothers are doing differently because certainly not all of them have to deal with such insanity.

But wouldn’t you know it?  Children still have to be bathed and children still squawk, even in Germany.  Kitchens still have to be cleaned and shoes still wander off on Sunday morning, even in Germany.

It’s comforting to know that actually your life is probably more normal than you think.  But if any of you have found the magic bullet to housewifery, one that gives you clean clothes without doing any laundry, please let me know.

My sister’s husband is in the army, and he’s off on a trip, and if you ask me, my sister is the real trooper around here.  You know what?  It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back.  If you changed a diaper, loaded a dishwasher, wiped off a highchair tray, picked up toys, held a baby, buckled a car seat, chased a toddler, or slammed a dryer door shut, then you are a trooper.

I did four out of the eight today.  Not bad.  I’m pretty sure my sister did them all.

I smiled when she read Charlotte’s Web last night to her little girls.


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