Welcome to Heidi Land

On Saturday morning, we drove up to the Bavarian Alps.  While technically Heidi grew up in the Swiss Alps, they are all still part of the same mountain chain.

I don’t know if Ms. Spyri, Heidi’s authoress, did not share enough rainy days in her story or if it just rains more in the Bavarian Alps then the Swiss Alps, but it was pretty miserable when we arrived.


At least I have an umbrella. Nobody thinks about the cows.


Ha! Ha!  Did you notice that these two red jacketed ladies are not the same person?  I am in the first picture and my sister, Mindles is in the second.  Isn’t my sister gorgeous?  So I’m really quite flattered if you got us mixed up.  And why did the poor babe and mother not have the umbrella?  They certainly should have!

Mindles said this is their third time there, and it is always like this—cold and rainy.  Fog shrouded our mountains, and I wondered if Ms. Spyri had exaggerated all the sunny days in her book, pulling a stunt similar to naming one of the coldest places in the world Greenland.  Anyway, her book is basically the best travel brochure the Alps have ever gotten, and so it should be accurate.

The rain was a very wet and cold rain, not the kind of rain we get in Utah, where the minute it starts raining, the clouds are having second thoughts about it because let me tell you something.  The clouds in the Bavarian Alps are fully committed.

Still, at about 11:00, the clouds let up, and the sun made her appearance.  She was tentative at first, kept ducking behind wisps of clouds, but I kept encouraging her, telling her she looked just lovely and had no reason to be shy.

She finally came out in full glory, and I laid out on a bridge to nowhere and slept, missing out on the cattle parade.  Fortunately, they were having them every half hour so I will post some pictures of that soon.


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