Finally, an App for Kids that I LOVE!!!

As you probably know, I’ve not been totally on board with my boys’ infatuations with their iPods.  But to my surprise, they found an App, completely on their own that I’m totally loving!  It’s called Stop Motion Studio and it allows them to make stop motion movies with their Legos.  I couldn’t tell you how it works because they’ve never needed my help.

They’ve been spending hours down in their bedrooms building sets and filming their stories.


One of the daring characters in their movies.

I joked with them.  “You guys should start a youtube channel, maybe a blog.”  That’s all it took and Legobosses was born.   They figured out how to download their stuff on youtube, something I still don’t quite know how to do, and Eli set up a blog on WordPress without asking me for help once.

And now I’m wondering if I should have had him start a blog first so that he could have saved me hours of time and saved me from more than a few curse words.   Chances are he’ll be helping my troubleshoot by next week anyway.

So for the first time ever, I’m seeing the iPod as a potential learning tool/creativity launcher.  I don’t know how long it will last.  Check out their blog though!  They are expecting to make millions on it you know.  And I’m not one to dash a kid’s dream!

And yes, their potty humor will have to go.


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