What?! I’m Not Your Favorite Person? But I’m Your Mother!

I have loved the sweet sibling relationship between Charles Wallace and Meg in A Wrinkle in Time.  They seem to understand each other even better than their parents understand them, and this seemed perfectly natural.


When Ricky and I went home on the airplane after our trip to Germany, we enjoyed talking with a delightful older man from Seattle, delightful until he got out of Ricky that his older brother Eli was his first favorite person in the world.


“What?!!” I asked. I was sure I had first place by pretty big margins. Ricky nodded his head. “You mean I’m not your first favorite person in the world?”

“Well mom, you are my second favorite person in the world.” Thanks a lot.

“What? I just took you on a week long trip to Germany! What has Eli done for you?”

“He gets me presents.”

“Ricky, we just had your birthday party a week ago.  I bought all of the presents.  All of the presents.”

“Well Eli wraps the presents.”  Oh shoot.  I hate wrapping presents.

“You’re kidding me.  I take you to Germany, I practice piano with you every day, I make your food, I buy all of your presents, and Eli’s up on me just because he wraps your presents?”

“He does them really nice.”  The gentleman beside us was getting a good laugh out of all of this, but this was not funny. What was Ricky thinking?

eli and ricky  horizontal

Ricky ad Eli together four years ago.

But then after thinking about it for a while, I realized that I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Older siblings can be such a great benefit to younger siblings.  Eli is six years older than Ricky, and Eli’s a good kid.  Of course I want Ricky worshiping his older brother and turning out like him wouldn’t be a bad thing either!


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