Why Family Trees and Chocolate Chips Should Always Go Together

Last week for our family home evening, we made a family tree.

This week we quizzed our kids on it.

I looked at my little four-year-old girl and said,  “Debi.  What is your mommy’s mommy’s name?”


“Yes, but what is her name?”

“Uh—I’m trying to think.”

“Well, Debi,”  I said.  “You really should know her name.”

“I need a hint.”

“I just gave you one, Debi.”

Rebekah 10-14-10 387

The captain figured he could give better hints than I could  so he  looked at our little girl and said, “Your nana has the same name as you do.”

And the lights turned on.  “Debi!” she yelled.  “That’s Nana’s name!”


I do have to say the kids loved guessing the names.  That may have had something to do with the chocolate chips that I was throwing out to anybody who could get the right answer.

My favorite part was when Davy, who was really wanting some more chocolate chips decided to dash downstairs and have a peak at the family tree.

“Hey, he can’t do that!” yelled Eli.  “That’s cheating.”

“Actually, it’s innovative,” I said.   So Davy and Eli raced down the stairs trying to figure out the maiden name of their father’s father’s mother.

Davy came running back up blurting out, “Lily!”

“Uh–yes, her middle name is Lillian. But what is her maiden name?”

The captain, really getting into this hint business said, “I’ll give you a hint.  There is a country in her name.”  (Her last name is Israelson.)

Ben blurted out, “Tennessee!”  The captain busted up.

“California!” yelled Ricky.  And so family history is one of the things we need to teach our kids.

Davy and Eli ran back downstairs again and Davy yelled, “Ireland.”  Getting warmer, Davy.

Finally we told them that their father’s father’s mother’s maiden name was  Israelson.  We will be adding a few more branches every week.  Where’s the chocolate chips?

So how many of you know the maiden name of your father’s father’s mother?  Hah!  It’s time to look it up!



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