It’s Time to File a Complaint with the Tooth Fairy.

When I went to pick up Ricky after school, he was grinning was a large gap in his teeth.  Phew!  He had been stressing out over that tooth for a week!  Naturally, he asked if the tooth fairy was going to come.

“Sure,” I said.


But when he brought up the tooth fairy at dinner, everybody decided to bring up their grievances.  Apparently, the tooth fairy has not been especially reliable around here.

“I saved five of my teeth that the tooth fairy never came for.” said Eli.

“Well,” I explained.  “‘The tooth fairy only comes when your little, like Ricky.”

“Well the tooth fairy forgot to come when I was five,” said Davy.

Wow, do my boys hold grudges.  As should they!

What is wrong with the tooth fairy?  How can she let down my dear sweet children?  We’re thinking about filing a complaint but where do we send it?

Ricky obviously was concerned that night.  “Did you call the tooth fairy, Mom?” he asked.

“Uh—yeah, I did.”

“Does she know where I live?”


“How do you know?”

“I told her when I called her, and anyway, it’s not like I even had to call her because she already keeps track of all of that.  It’s part of her magic.”   Ricky seemed assured enough and put his tooth under his pillow before he went to sleep.

At 7:45, Ricky came up to breakfast and just as he was about to sit down he gasped.  “I forgot to check under my pillow to see if the tooth fairy came!”  He started to run down the stairs, but I grabbed him.

“You need to eat your breakfast first.  I don’t want you missing the bus again.”  He sat down, and I raced out to the garage to find the captain, also known as Captain Cash.

Ten minutes later, Rick went down to look under his pillow, and there was $2.  He gave us all a nice gap toothed grin.  Maybe she’s a little bit more organized this year.  We’ll give her another chance.

How is the tooth fairy service been at your house?






  1. The tooth fairy here has been pretty reliable, she fell asleep on the couch, last time, waiting for the boy to go to sleep. Hopefully she’ll be so reliable when my daughter starts losing teeth.

  2. Oh, I’m soooo glad this story ended well!! I was nervous there. Em has lost two teeth and I forgot both times… luckily Ben remembered!! Moral of the story: Dave should be the new tooth fairy! You’re fired! Don’t take it too hard, I’m a bad tooth fairy too.

  3. I have tried to delegate to Dave many times. I wish that all my kids would just tell me that the tooth fairy forgot. (Now that I think about it, they usually did.)

    I remember once telling Mom that the tooth fairy forgot. She was making my bed later and she said, “What don’t you check now? Maybe the tooth fairy came late.” Wouldn’t you know it? There were three quarters. Mom didn’t even try to be sneaky about it—

  4. love this! our tooth fairy is completely unreliable here (or perhaps a little sleep deprived herself??). I often have to tell the kids that they didn’t look hard enough, and sure enough, they often find that the money has simply fallen under the bed, or between the mattress and the wall, etc.

  5. That is the most brilliant idea ever. I might just have to stick ten singles in between the mattress and the bed frame of my thirteen year old and say that that must be where the money went for the last five teeth. Except he still has the teeth.

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