Traveling with an ADHD Family

Our family went to Capitol Reef National Park for fall break.  I don’t know how we pulled it off.  Somehow we got ourselves into the van with our suitcases (short a few pairs of socks) and we were on our way.

I have to say that for an ADHD family, we did quite well for ourselves.  When we bought our van we decided we cared more about extra space than we did about automatic locks or automatic windows or a nice entertainment system (although I must admit, I really miss those things).   We have two captains chairs and three large benches and that keeps everybody safe and happy.

Pretty safe and happy.  There’s always stuff going on underneath the surface.  Like in these sets of pictures:









But we didn’t need to use our Epipen or set any bones this weekend, and hey, that’s pretty great.

We read together quite a bit on the trip in the van.   We got through quite a chunk of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and it felt pretty eerie reading it in the dark.   We also read some of Fahrenheit 451 together—and I found that book even more eerier.  We topped it off with a few Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales and were thoroughly spooked.

Now, mind you, I don’t get all of them to listen to each book and none of them felt too cheated of their electronic devices (which wouldn’t be a bad thing), but hey, everybody listened to something, and that is something.  After years of dreading family car trips, I now look forward to them—I can try to teach something to my kids, and they can’t escape.  It also probably helps that we’re not changing diapers anymore.  There is hope for you!


She looks just like my sister Mary in this picture.







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