We Show Our Nickel Swallower Pictures of Germs: This is How He Reacts

A week ago, I wrote about how Ricky keeps swallowing nickels.  I also asked you for some advice on how we might cure him of this dangerous habit.

One of you shared a great idea with us: show him pictures of bacteria on the internet.  While I thought it was a great idea, I didn’t think about it again until we caught him drinking the honey. It seemed time.

These are the picture we showed him.


This is how he reacted.





For the first time in his life, Ricky grew concerned.

“What is the name of this one?  What does this one do?” he asked.

I was so busy taking pictures of him that I wasn’t able to capitalize on this great opportunity.  I wish I had told him that the pink one was called, Datrowupalot bacteria or that the purple one made you clean bathrooms or that the green one gave you headaches every time you played Minecraft.

Oh well.

“What does this one spiky one do?” he asked.

“Oh it just likes to roll around in your body,” I said.  He grabbed his tummy.


Ricky clutching his stomach.

“I think it’s rolling around right in my tummy right now.” he answered.

“Oh look!”  I said, pointing to the computer.  “This one has a tail!”

It’s true that Ricky hasn’t swallowed any nickels since Sunday, but he still is very generous with his germs.

At dinner we caught him licking all of his fingers with gusto so I asked him how he liked licking up so many germs. He looked at me concerned and then started rubbing the top of the salt shaker–just so he could share his slobber with the rest of us.

What do your kids do that are gross?

On another tangent, want a delicious healthy fall breakfast recipe?  Oats and pumpkin included.


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