Do You Struggle Finding Enough Time for Your Extended Family?

For those of you looking for my satire deconstructed piece, please go here.

Yesterday I tried to FaceTime my sister.  Deborah and her little cousin were so excited about it that I had to take this picture.   They were just mugging my phone.  If you look carefully, you can see me hiding behind them.

I’ve been thinking about how children are so right on so many things.  They get so excited to see their grandma or their cousins or their old friends.  We adults, on the other hand, saddled down by our responsibilities, don’t have time to make that call or get together for lunch.

The thing is, I also get really excited when I call my sister.  She lives all the way in Germany, and I really really miss her.  We have a time zone issue which is often a problem, and mornings do tend to be busy for me.  But I do get a little giddy when I call her.  I love seeing my little nieces jumping around, and it’s just miraculous to think that they are all the way in Germany, and here my nieces are showing me their new Rapunzel figurine and their new bed spread.   I just need to give myself permission to call them more often.

Children on the other hand, just drop what they’re doing to run to the phone.  I could learn a thing or two from them.

Today we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday by taking her to lunch.  She was a fantastic mother raising us kids, and she’s still a fantastic mom helping so much with the grand kids.  She’s just one of those people that just does good things quietly because it gives her joy.

She helped give me a love of the English language—she read all the time, and she read the good stuff like Victor Hugo and Alexander Dumas and Charles Dickens.  I grew up thinking that’s just what adults read.  She helped me with so many of my English papers.  I would bring my paper to her, and she would do a great edit, pointing out mistakes in grammar, words I had forgotten, and adding a comma or two for further clarification.  She taught me to love the language and to take good care of it by using it precisely.  I should ask her to edit my blog too.  Much as I try, I still manage a lot of typos in my posts.  (Please leave comments if you notice them!)

She taught us both scriptures and poetry and I can still recite from memory several of Robert Frost’s poems, verse by Emily Dickinson, and scriptures found in the book of Matthew.  I believe that meter and cadence all come more naturally to me because I learned those poems.  We recited a scripture and poem once each morning until we could say it from memory.  Reminder:  start this with my own children.

She took us to plays and theater as much as a mother from a small town could do.  We saw local productions such as The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and large Broadway productions such as Les Miserables.  (Please add the accent over the “e” as I am too lazy to do it myself.)   She got us up to productions like the Nutcracker even though it was a two hour drive.  Even recently, she’s organized and paid for a somewhat annual trip for her daughters and daughters-in-law to the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  Thanks to her, I’ve got the Shakespeare bug pretty badly.


I love you Mom!  I love you Mindles!  My sister Mindy is flying in on Thursday.  I can’t wait to see her!



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  1. Ha! Just saw this. You are so sweet. I love how excited you are to FaceTime me, and I feel the same way… so nice to connect even though we are oceans apart!

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