I Have a Confession


I’ve had something that’s just really been on my mind. I feel like I’ve been trying to impress you guys, and I haven’t been acting like my true self.

It’s just that I really want you guys to like me. But it’s just gotten too hard. I know this is going to be a sifting process here, a time where I will find out who my true friends are.

So here it is.  I’m a nerd.

My son had realized this and has already taken advantage of this information.  He baits me all the time, and I always fall for it.  “Mom, I’m having a hard time understanding Fahrenheit 451.  Could you read it and talk about it with me?”  I jump.  I read aloud with him.  I expound.  I am so into it.

Maybe he even asks me a great question, and I’m all over it.

And then he’s like, “OK, so can you repeat what you just said?”  He’s taking notes.  And while for a minute I hope that he’s taking notes because he wants to remember my words for the rest of his life, I also remember he has a homework assignment due tomorrow.

He is on concentrating on everything I say, not because he wants to understand but because he wants to make sure he puts it down in the right order.  So I say, “You know, you are a smart kid.  I think you’ve got this.”

And then I’m sad.



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