What’s So Funny, Mom?

The dumbest things crack me up, and let me tell you, that’s a great skill I have.   Seriously, I set a very low bar when it comes to finding things funny.


My brilliant comedian

Case in point?  As usual, I was multitasking, driving my kids to piano lessons and trying to help Eli with his spelling bee words.  Since I wasn’t in the mood for an accident, I asked Eli to give the words to me so that I could spell them for him and still keep my eyes on the road.  (Children learn so much when they can point out the mistakes of their parents.) My spelling accuracy was somewhere around 19% as was my driving accuracy.  We missed the turnoff, hoped for a connecting road, only to drive into a dead end.  Shoot, we were going to be late.

I was feeling the stress set in, but the Ricky did something that made me laugh.  He was giving Deborah his own spelling words in the back.

“WAS,” he said.  “And these words are really hard.”  That just got me busting up, I don’t know why.

When I shared the story at the dinner table, Ricky defended himself.

“It’s a very hard word because if you spell it like it sounds, you’d spell it W-U-Z.”

I was so pleased to see that everyone was eating their turkey soup, and I said, “Wow.  You guys must really like my soup tonight.  Or maybe you’re just really wanting some cornbread.”

“It’s the cornbread,” said Ricky.  I started busting up again, and so he explained:  “See, I really want some cornbread, but I don’t get any until I eat my soup so I eat the soup just so I can eat the cornbread.”  Thanks you Ricky for the ELUCIDATION.  And spell that, Ricky!

What happened this week that you thought was funny?


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