Are Disney Princesses Corrupting My Daughter?

My daughter recently informed that she no longer wants to be a princess.  She’s now a queen.

“But Mommy, you can be the princess.”  Huh.  I used to be the queen.

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I’ve been reflecting on my recent demotion, wondering what I’ve done to deserve this.  I mean, yes, she has a lot of princess underwear, several princess dolls, and plenty of crowns and princess costumes.  She burns through a wand or scepter about once a month.  (And yet no matter how many times she hits her brothers with them, they still will not bend to her will.)  She watches several princess movies a week.


It’s not like she can make castles out of ice or anything.

There was a time when I thought her behavior was quite charming.  But now I’m not so sure.  I’m reconsidering the Disney Elsa dress I just bought at Costco. Am I talking about the dress from the same rack where I bought the Cinderella dress and the Snow White dress that ripped on the first day she wore it? Yep. That rack. And I still need to get the Anna, Rapunzel, and Little Mermaid costumes so she can have the complete set.

But maybe I should take the Elsa dress back. They aren’t exactly high quality dresses, and Debi has been acting awfully bossy lately. But then again, I probably won’t. One of the employees told me I was very smart to get it now as it was flying off the racks and would probably not be there next week. I couldn’t take back something that everyone else wants could I? This has got me thinking about starting my own line of dresses, the Athena, Aphrodite, Hera line as our daughters will be tired of being queens and will want to be goddesses by next year.

My sister recently told me about an article she read about how little girls used to love getting baby dolls.  (Mindy, can you send me a link to the article?)  The little girls took care of the dolls, changed their diapers, feed them, burped them, bathed them, which if you think about it probably taught them to become more thoughtful and caring. But now, we are teaching our daughters that they are entitled and that they are all that. I think I might go back to Costco today. I saw some baby dolls on the bottom row of their toy section.

Are Disney princess corrupting your daughters?  Do you think the princess obsession is unhealthy?



  1. Mom told me about the article awhile back, so sorry, don’t have it, never read it. Her generation was all about nurturing and taking care of somebody else (a doll). Now it’s all about princesses and basically how the child is now the center of the universe.

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