Our Favorite Things–Christmas 2011


Really, the captain loves kneeling on rocks much more than this picture can adequately express–

Favorite Recreational Activity

David:             Scout Camp! (Yes, I’m serious.)

Rebekah:       Reading to the children before bedtime.

Ben:                 Playing basketball. (But really, it’s flicking his brothers.)

Eli:                   Practicing piano. (Oh wait, that was in my dream last night.)

Davy:              Running up and down the mall escalators against traffic.

Ricky:             Any electronic device will do.

Deborah:      Going on walkabout.

Favorite Thing to Hear

David:             I think the kids are asleep.

Rebekah:        Your children are so well behaved.

Ben:                 Sure you can have a late night.

Eli:                   You are in such big trouble Davy!

Davy:              I guess you can play Capture the Flag, but you’ll do your homework later, right?

Ricky:              Here, have the Wii remote.

Deborah:         Give Mommy a kiss!

Favorite Contraband

David:             The wood shop.

Rebekah:       Chocolate chips.

Ben:                 Mom’s iPhone.

Eli:                   Not applicable.

Davy:              Five pound bag of C& H Pure Cane Sugar

Ricky:              Plants vs. Zombies

Deborah:         Mom’s make-up.

Favorite Theme Song:

David:             I’m a Hard Working Man.

Rebekah:       I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Ben:                 Yakety Yak, Don’t Talk Back.

Eli:                   Do You Hear Me?  Do You Care?

Davy:              Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Ricky:              Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.

Deborah:       I Get Around

Dancing in the Streets

Favorite Family Purchase:         Our new 12 passenger van!  I’m sure you’ll see it around.  It’s hard to miss.  Fire Engine Red.


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