Welcome to Our Land of Oz. Christmas 2013

The Neighborhood Halloween Parade

Even witches have standards when it comes to doing their hair–

Our wizard: No charlatan but the real deal.  Pulls fish hooks out of boy scouts, makes chessboards in woodshop, and juggles new banking regulations.   He’d love to hear from you!

Our witch:  Tries to be the good witch, but she has her days.  No longer changes diapers and will soon be done with car seats.  Loves this season of her life.  Her favorite mathematical equation: Uno + tennis + piano > spit up.

Our flying monkey (14):  Not good at taking orders from the witch.  Flies to scouts, basketball, tennis, and school.  Always flies away from the girls.  Right Ben?

Our tin man (12):  Big heart.  Loads dishwasher without being asked and helps younger siblings.  His mom worries he will soon be a heart throb; learning French and playing Beethoven.

Our scarecrow (10):  Definitely has a brain but doesn’t use it when annoying older brothers.  Math and science whiz.  Loves explosions.

Our cowardly lion (6):  Getting braver everyday.  Showers and fireworks now okay.  Balloons problematic.  Not afraid of cute babysitters.

Our Dorothy (4):  Tornados follow her wherever she goes.  Fashionista.  Outdated mom insists that outfits match.  Dorothy costume was a hard sell until she saw the ruby slippers.  Likes to hang out with the witch.  Knows there is no place like home.  We miss you all and love you!

Merry Christmas!


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