What Do I Need? An iPad or a MacBook Air?

Oh goodness, I haven’t written for almost a week.  I’ve been too busy brushing my children’s teeth. Oh, and our computer are pretty broken down too.  You wouldn’t believe how much harder it is to post things when your computers aren’t working.


On Sunday, a big black blotch appeared on the top of our laptop’s screen.  I set it down, and then a crack came down the screen.  Shortly thereafter, the whole half of the left screen was out.

I was so worried that it was my fault.  The captain has not appreciated the casual way I treat computers.

When Ben announced the broken screen to me, I said, “Do you think we can keep this from you dad until Friday?”

I’m really wanting an iPad for my birthday (which is on Friday), but the captain subscribes to the outdated notion that you shouldn’t get new toys if you haven’t been taking care of your old ones.

Anyway, the captain discovered the screen for himself on Tuesday.  He was surprising calmly but sorely disappointed.   To my relief, he announced that the screen had been broken because a child had thrown a wooden block at it.  Well, thank goodness! I knew I hadn’t gone that far. In fact, it was probably one of the neighbors.  My children and I are very good at blaming things on the neighbors.

Unfortunately, the captain did say to me, “See why I don’t think we should get a new laptop?”  Of course, I wasn’t thinking that at all.  I never liked our laptop anyway, so this seemed a great opportunity to get a new one.

I’m not quite sure what I need.  I want to get an iPad with a keyboard, but I also want to use it to keep a journal, post blog posts sometimes, and who knows? Maybe write a novel?  It would be awfully nice if 32 gigabytes could do the job, but the salesman was quite convinced that I needed at least 64 and that I probably needed the MacBook Air (which only costs another $400).  Please, I need some advice!

This is all I want my Apple device to

1) Keep me organized

2) Be easy to take everywhere yet never get lost

3) Keep a journal

4) Help me write my million dollar novel (or just write it for me).

5)  Check e-mails, order things online.

6)  Make blogging super easy!  (Taking great pictures would help.)

Anybody use any Apple products?  What do you have?  What do you love and hate about it?  Friday is approaching!



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